Land of sunshine

“A carnival for the human race
Cotton candy, happy face
A child talking with his mouth full
Girlfriend gets stuffed animal

A festive mood is all around
Another world is what we’ve found
Step right up, let’s make a deal
Let’s ride on the Ferris wheel”


Carousel by Mr Bungle

They’ve got cotton candy, pirates, ghosts,  sick machines, drooling  stands, sheets stands, socks stands, panties stands, they’ve even got screaming stands!

They don’t care you don’t understand noise… It’s a faire! An it glows… Like a galaxy far, far away. But you won’t find the Planetary Prophets Of Vulcan or the Quasar Scavengers. From all that people, there’s a very peculiar lady… Don’t know from which planet she came, but the creature holds a shiny microphone around her neck, screams from the other side of the universe and sells everything for 35€.  Even though she keeps saying she can’t go that low. A bit odd, wouldn’t you say…

If you choose this path, zu not forget your Babel Fish