D3O, Love Binder


Don’t know about Nito or Tó Rui, but Mr Toni Fortuna came from a band that apart from a couple of US tours, played on Joey Ramone birthday party and had a mythical gig in a shopping mall, where the band took the clothes off and stuck themselves against a glass wall.

Pure rock n’ roll

The band…Tédio Boys

In the mean time, the band fell apart, and each of their members followed their paths. Now each time one of them plays, you get a glimpse of the feel of how it was back in the day.

Bafo de Baco held one of these occasions. The gig, D3o. The crowd was not immense, but the rock sure was. Cannot compare this with the first time I saw them in Casa da Cultura de Loulé, a couple of years ago. That was simply insane! Mr Fortuna playing upside down, like a bat rocking the cave.

This time Mr Batman didn’t show up, instead we had the delay grinch, the bam of the effects and a direct connection that wasn’t absolutely true. A great rock n’ roll show!

This is something you should drop to your knees for… and worship!