The Stray + Sam Alone & The Grave Diggers, Tougher Than Leather


It smelled of fresh rain, the streets of Loulé were almost empty and the few we’ve found roaming along, were heading to Bafo de Baco.

Once the gate is crossed, you’ll find paradise

The place was packed, which was already expected once you knew The Stray and Sam Alone were about to play. The Stray…It reminds me of sting rays, manta rays, gamma… but do not fear the outcome, this was a peaceful fight! They led the ship from north to shore, fighting mantas, mambas and the drunk Fari that came from the depths. From down the hole, the swing came up front, dancing along the crew.

When Mr Sam and the Diggers popped in,  all the graves were wide open waiting for the call, remembering the sacrifice. Beneath the twilight, everyone started chanting just by hearing the first chords. Pure gold! The accordion came in, the swing of the sultans began and the hero among them all, came out of it’s shadow, hoping along the deck.

A night to remember

When the journey was about to finish, Mr Dreadlock the Strange was held in the arms of the pack and surfed along the deck until he almost reached the bar. Please accept my excuses for not having photos of that moment, but by the time this happened, I was too busy living the gig. The memory remains…