La Plante Mutante, 15 years of modernity


15 years of love, 15 years of sex with each other, 15 years being Mutante… This is not like Lady Gaga or Lady Pipistrello and the supposed monsters, this is much bigger!

Playback?! Off couse not!

Well… the only one doing it was Miss (or Mr ) Conchita, the Wurst, the Franziskaner, the Yeti of the Low Lands. It was quite a surprise to see such disguise, sequin dress, gold microphone crazy beard and long hairdo. Conchita was invited to perform, in playback, live or some other way… It didn’t matter how! The time was set, and since the show must proceed, she did what she had to do…

Modern mutantes

You can’t say you’ve seen them play if you haven’t seen them in Bafo de Baco in Carnaval. It’s different, it’s like homecoming. As they said once, there wasn’t La Plante if it wasn’t for Bafo, and of course, Bafo wouldn’t be the same without La Plante.