Diéb Band, the devil just around the corner

An ordinary night

Dwelling around town just looking for a place to grab a snack, have pint, forget about the week and get lost in a nonsense circumstantial conversation.

The typical places were a bit dull, nothing to see besides the same faces, the same bands covering up the emptiness left by the unruly who decided to stay at home.

It was like any other night…

The familiarity of sound

We knew the sound that was kicking in, but the first decision was unclear. “Is this the same as any other?”, we wonder. On the other side of that door, the movie playing could be From dusk till Dawn (but without the girl). The place wasn’t packed, had necessary amount of souls for the show to proceed.

On one of the corners was a mix of Mick Jagger, Santa Claus (just not the one from Coca-Cola) and Mr Devil, in what could be a costume for an Halloween party. Out of nothing this Mr Character, lifted his left into what became, not and air guitar but a leg guitar!

From this point on, the buzz at the gates was so immense, the place eventually became packed, and we were lost in the darkness.