Fast Eddie Nelson + Sam Alone

Swamp Blues

A long long time ago someone by the name of Pedro Dermot Soares, told me about a musician he had met that was pure rock n’ roll. Can’t point out a reason for not hearing it till now, it simply happened. Also around that long ago time, I was introduced to a fellow by the name of Nick Nicotine who also knew Fast Eddie. We met at Estúdio King to record 20 km al giorno (or the murder of someone you’d rather not to listen). At the studio among the multiple instruments, he had a very special guitar and as he told: “Esta é para tocar blues pantanoso!”.

The years had gone by, and from time to time someone would mention Fast Eddie Nelson. The myth became mythical…

Rock N’ Roll

Don’t know why, but I was excepting a one man show, something from the swamp, something that an alligator is used to hear. He came with friends and played with special guests, Sam Alone, Mr Harmonica let’s rock it and Mr Let’s Jam it.

Moto Clube de Faro became one of those places on the shore of the Mississippi. The crowd was alive, breathing their sound, drinking from the roar of Fast Eddie.

Turned out to be a great discovery after all these years, much better than what I’ve imagined!