Memórias Antigas Outrora Perdidas by Raquel Farelo, the grand opening


Truth doesn’t make a noise¹, nor does a lost memory

Memory can be tricky and depends on a numerous factors, if it’s a group memory or a solitary memory. But mostly, it depends from which perspective each of us perceives things. This can be the main reason we change tiny bits of the plot of our lives, why we forget, why uncertainty becomes covered by what I really wanted to have happened.

Memórias Antigas Outrora Perdidas (MAOP)

A long long time ago, in a partially lost age where the world was much simpler than today, and people didn’t carry encyclopaedias in their pockets, there were memories. Some of those were lost, others are remembered from time to time…

The exhibit is a composition of all those moments where a very special group of people were reviving their past, the past of Azeitão, their youth. The artist, Raquel Farelo, became aware of these memories through a series of talks with her neighbours.

The work presented is divided in two, a series of paintings of most of the participants and a series of videos of the stories being remembered.

Do you wanna dance

There is special focus on the Pinha Ball, were a group of couples would dance around a giant cone full of strings attached and only one of those strings would open the cone. And that, would be the winning couple!

Maybe they’ll make a ball in the future…

¹ from the album De Stijl, by The White Stripes