Diabo Na Cruz, on the road mit Jack

Jack ain’t dead

If you’ve never heard them, do not fear the exorcism. Certainly you won’t find a devil or any of his relatives standing on stage, waiting for the final blow… This is not revenge!

After all, the Devil lives inside of us all…

Sitting on the road

It must have been a bit awkward for all those souls sitting there, listening to their prayer, the whisper on their ears, “Get off! Let’s dance!“, feeling a trembling knee shaking along the tune.

The purge

But the crowd didn’t last sited too long and eventually started dancing between the seats, following an unknown leader, jumping and singing, and that was when Mr Jorge Cruz followed them in that dance.

In the end the stage was full, the evil spirits were sent far far far way and the crowd was now in peace with themselves, the universe and beyond.



A special thanks to Teatro das Figuras