Poli & The Chain Gang + Fast Eddie Nelson & Friends

Talk about the blues¹

Even though I’ve seen them at Moto Clube de Faro, I knew this was going to be far different. Rock n’ roll doesn’t repeat itself, it adapts to the venue, the crowd, the amount of alcohol each of us have. But it also depends on the girls, the women, the babes that make our head roll and turn our world upside down. And that Ladies & Gents, its the final frontier between rock n’ roll and the blues.

The first of the night were Poli & The Chain Gang, another project from Mr Poli Correia. A very blue blues sometimes… But hey! It’s always about that girl.

Don’t know if the pool is empty

Fast Eddie Nelson met the Devil in Algarve, together they built the N2 Road (but only until it reaches Alentejo) and in the end Medronho for your body and soul. It was a long walk to ecstasy, once again full of guests, from Mr T Red (were you in Lynch’s Lost Highway?), John Scurvy, Rodrigo Leal, to Miss Diana.


Epic! The trembling knees make it a bit more difficult to reach reality, hopefully we’ll get there tomorrow, or the day after…

¹ from the album Acme, by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion




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