Pata Negra

Ecstasy of a friday night

Sometimes you simply don’t have a plan, nothing to stick to and your main concerns are,  where are we dining, and sometimes but not all the times, where do we go now?

Last night was a bit like that, it all started with clams, fried cuttlefish, eggs with asparagus and fighting bifanas. The camera was there, like a personal excuse for something like “Just in case something pops by…”

The first stage was a dance called Baile de St. António. In fact we went to two dances with the same name… On the first one, we tried to conquer the beer keg while half of the presents was twisting their waist to the sound of… I cannot recall, but it doesn’t matter to the story! Finally, and mostly because the dance was reaching it’s end, we went to the second dance. Which had already finished by the time we got there….

Until this point the shutter had been very quiet, and I was not seeing the beauty of whatever was in front of me… By this time I only had taken half of dozen of photos.

Well… the saga continued this time towards a dance that never existed, in a place where everyone was already sleeping… And that was when someone said “What about the Pata Negra Gathering?”.

The endless road that leads to somewhere just around the corner

The decision was made, and we were not that close to a main road so, the best option was to take an alternative track. After five minutes everyone was asking, “Are you sure we’re on the right track?” or “Are we in Alentejo already?”. You must understand this is Algarve, and sometimes Alentejo is just around the corner.

When suddenly we saw a stranger in the night! He was definitely a stranger, and he was very lucky not being ran over, since he was resting on the road. And I don’t mean the book, or a guest house, the guy was really sleeping on the road… Like a baby…

Can you imagine what is like to wake up in the middle of nowhere, by a group of strangers, with a car following your steps very quietly?

In the end the guy was almost at home, and Mr I became full of blood due to the open wounds Mr Sleeping Stranger Now I’m Safe had.

Well… After all this saga we eventually arrived at the motorbike gathering, and everyone was like “Ahh… Now I understand the shortcut we took…”.

Pata Negra

As some say, the most import is the ride not the destiny, which in our case was kind of mix between the two… The gathering was like an oasis in the middle of city, on one side and infinity of apartment blocks, on the other the Ria Formosa and in the middle the rock n roll in Extra Large¹. We could have arrived a bit sooner, the end was almost there…

…but before the end, we still managed to watch the extravaganza of the jingling bobbies…

¹ XL Band

Pata Negra