Moto Malta The 21st Gathering

Another Friday at the Realm 

This time we didn’t wander along every road in Algarve to get somewhere… This time we knew our destiny, the 21st bike gathering of the group Moto Malta de Faro. It was my first time there,  a lot of people told me great things about it, and I can assure you that it’s all true. From the ambiance, to the people, the set, it was like a magical garden in a far far away land.

Get with it

The long road had already started, I should have taken a photo of the gate… The journey started with the Miranda’s and I must apologize for not taking any photo of Nanook and Mr Luís, but at that time I was drifting across the place and most likely lost in someone else’s translation. It’s quite a task to warm up an audience for the night…

The journey continued with Saint Garden, and I must thank the security for letting me in to take some photos. In the mean time, we wiggled our hips, banged our heads and met a girl who I believe is the public relations of a funeral agency, not sure if this is exactly true, but if it is… I must talk to her when I die!

Now I got worry

Eventually the beer didn’t finish…and our lives continued as usual…