Up North


Like any other travel you need to plan, even if it’s just 5 minutes before departure. The plan was planned, made, thought, not written, never written, drafted in each mind, idealized, dreamed, felt once it reached reality. And when was it? All the time…

When it started there were two fronts, the front of let’s take zip at the time and absorb every inch of light and the front of let’s start planning by Monday. But precisely on Monday after supper, another front emerged from the agony of a tooth, the front of this tooth is killing my sanity.

Up North

Up North we headed. The first and the second front merged into what became the seekers of light, and the third front headed to S. João da Madeira in search of a dentist. The route by order of appearance: Lajeosa do Mondego, Celorico da Beira, Trancoso, Lamego, Peso da Régua, Vila do Gerês.

The last track was a test to the modern driver. No GPS. Say yes to the map! The map is your friend and the art of getting lost is much more fun. The amount of roads, villages, small places and feral cities the seekers of light crossed was huge. So if you want know, take a map and guess!

By this time the seekers of light became the great aesthetes.


The two fronts met in Braga and headed towards Vila do Gerês. When they finally got there, the dark blanket of night had already covered everything. Oh and by there I mean Vidoeiro Camping, it’ll change the way you perceive camping.

The saga of getting something to eat turned out to be somehow epic. Well…It was late, most of the places were closing and the ones that weren’t, didn’t have any food. The two fronts joined forces and managed to find a place that would serve sandwiches, beer and a local drink that will take you in an out of body experience.

We boarded in an endless chit chat, the pouring glasses didn’t seem to end and the ladies got the sleep of death, and started giving that look. In the meantime we heard of a place in Spain called The hot stones, a place with thermal water. The next day we went to Portela do Homem and to the Hot Stones, do you know the natives there speak French?


After that day we crawled from here to there, in pursuit of light, in pursuit of the perfect photography… But it’s not tangible, it simple doesn’t exist!

In the end, the fronts began splitting towards different directions, different realities… The goal of stopping in almost every town we’d find, turned out to be utopic. But we followed the advice of the mystical painter and some other fellows we’ve met along the way, and in the end…

There’s no end