Communication breakdown

The year is 2016

We still haven’t travelled abroad. I don’t mean to the country next to yours, I mean we haven’t left the planet to conquer new worlds.

I believe there’s always been a war somewhere, since the beginning of time. Maybe the dinosaurs were more peaceful than we are… The first almighty was probably the sun, the stars. Then deities start popping around, some were more this, others more of that, but in the end they all aim for peace and global understanding.


The oracles said, and so the people of the earth started praying. Most of them I believe, are a kind of more prayer and less doing, but still the message was sent. Which takes us, to the message!

Oh my! Mighty god! (whoever you are… depends on the religion, right!) Take my prayer in this time of need, misery, success, happiness! But the message was in their heads, so people guessed that if they try real hard the prayer would come true, it would be listened. And with that, faith was born!

Some might say that the power lies within you and within your will, while others believe in an extraterrestrial being. But no matter how much faith you have, specially if we’re in extraterrestrial segment, the message still needs to be delivered. And how is it delivered, you might wonder?

It isn’t! It used to be a while back, but nowadays the facilities are left abandoned. Not sure if it was due to the governmental cuts, career progression, bankruptcy, theft or bad management. The messages are simply not going anywhere.

Maybe we could ask the European Union for help to restore the whole thing, or we can simply accept…

It wasn’t working!